Portrait by Cam Nikkel

About (see cv)

Daniel McRorie is a young Metis artist, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, who is constantly looking for different mediums to create art and present his pieces in ways that are unusual and provocative. Dan’s body of work takes on many forms and includes designing and selling T-shirts at age 14, to building custom vintage cars and motorcycles, painting with water colors, acrylic or oil, home renovations, photography, orthopedic design and creation and most recently, tooled leather. Always an entrepreneur, at 24 years old, Daniel built and ran his own business called “These Boots Cobblery and Custom Leather” where he smoked, fixed shoes and consorted with the local riff raff. Now, living and working in Vancouver, Dan is pursuing many paths and is constantly inspired by the world around him! Even though he doesn’t smoke anymore.